Why It’s Important To Hire A Attorney

Why It’s Important To Hire A Attorney

Social security benefits denied? Workers comp claim that doesn’t pay as much as you expected? Or, are you thinking about filing a discrimination claim due to your disability, which your employer terminated you for? First and foremost, you want to make sure you have a viable claim and are entitled to some kind of relief if you feel you were discriminated against. The team at kentonslawoffice.com is not only here to answer those questions, but also to work with you in putting your claim together, to ensure you are going to receive what is rightfully owed to you when you do file.

Our firm at kentonslawoffice.com, is here to assist you with all types of legal battles. We can help with

  • Worker comp claims and disability claims
  • Pensions, retirement benefits, social security income claims
  • Issues with your Medicare or Medicaid policy
  • If your employer is trying to retaliate after you filed a worker’s comp claim, what are your rights (we’ll help you with this as well)

In addition to guiding you, we are also going to let you know what you are entitled to as early as possible in the process. We are going to make sure we fight for what your claim is worth, and are not going to settle for anything less.

In many cases, employers might try to lowball an offer, or try to get you to agree to something which will prevent you from filing another claim or collecting further damages in the future. Do not talk to their lawyers or to them, prior to reaching out to our team at kentonslawoffice.com. We will help you decide what you should do, and will guide you as to whether or not you should agree to their offer, or fight and try to get a higher settlement offer given the type of injuries you have sustained.

No two worker comp cases, disability claims or employment cases are alike. Therefore, the type of defense you’ll require and the type of legal assistance you are going to need, is a case by case basis. Not only in determining your settlement, but also in understanding your rights as an injured party in the case. If you are not sure where to begin or what to do if you are hurt or feel discriminated against, feel free to reach out to the team at kentonslawoffice.com for guidance and for legal representation during this trying time.