Dakota and Elle’s photoshoot for W Magazine has finally been released in the website of the magazine. Both girls look absolutely gorgeous in the shoot, which i have added to the gallery, and i have added a better quality cover picture. The girls also had a very cute interview about themselves… check it out

…I played the young Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama when I was 7, and the boy who played the young Josh Lucas was 10. We had to kiss. I was watching it the other day because my sister put it on, and I was so embarrassed looking at my 7-year-old self having to kiss that boy. I don’t remember feeling embarrassed at the time, and that was kind of weird too. Why wasn’t I more embarrassed? But I think that may be the most intimidated I’ve ever been—having to kiss that 10-year-old boy on the beach in Florida over and over… Read Full Interview here

005 x Mario Sorrenti

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