Dakota recently did an interview to promote her latest film Very Good girls with Teen Vogue where she talked about the film, her relationship with Elle, and her future plans, among other things, be sure to read it below!

[…]The busier Dakota and Elle get, the busier their family gets, too—can you imagine having two superstars as daughters? “Maleficent and Night Moves were happening around the same time,” Dakota says. “Our family saw Elle’s movie then sent me a picture that they were seeing the movie that I was in. It’s really funny.” As for joining forces, they’re waiting for the perfect moment, whenever that may be. “Doing a movie together is something we would definitely be interested in, but it’s just about finding the right thing,” Dakota continues. “Most of the things that have been brought to us had to do with playing sisters, and we both think it would be more unique to not play sisters. It’s something we’ll definitely do, but it’s one of those things you want to do really amazingly one time.” But Dakota’s interest in working behind the camera might make it all happen sooner than we think. “I really want to be a director and produce things,” she says. And out of anyone in Hollywood, guess who she wants to work with most? “My sister! Maybe that’s the way to go.” Full interview

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