Signs You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Signs You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

For anyone who has suffered personal harm as the result of someone’s negligence, it’s important to hire a personal injury lawyer. While there are guidelines on hiring this type of professional, the best option is to engage their services shortly after suffering an accident. There are a few signs that you may need a personal injury lawyer and these are a few reasons to seek one out. 

Having Discussions with Insurance Carriers

If you’ve experienced personal injury that required medical services, chances are strong that you’re going to have to have conversations with insurance carriers about covering these bills. You’ll want to ensure that these bill are paid on a timely manner so that you can get back to your normal activities. A personal injury lawyer will work to make sure that these bills are covered by insurance and avoid delays that could lead to costly fines. 

Before Pursing Medical Malpractice

There are many types of injuries that a person could have but medical malpractice is a particularly complicated one. If you believe that you’ve been harmed by a physician or a healthcare system, then you’ll want to seek out a personal injury promptly. This is especially important to do promptly since there are time limits on filing medical malpractice claims. This type of claim takes a great deal of work and time to sort through so find a lawyer or firm as soon as possible. 

When Your Claims are Denied

If you have a personal injury and your claims are covered, then you likely won’t need a personal injury lawyer. However, if you start to run into roadblocks, then it’s time to seek out a professional. Insurance companies have experts on their team that will look for reasons to deny claims, even legitimate ones. They have their own legal resources and you should ensure that you’re on an even playing field when dealing with these companies. This is why it’s a good idea to have a personal injury lawyer if your claims are denied or if the company only wants to cover part of your claim. 

These are a few of the times to seek out a personal injury law firm such as Lowenthal & Lowenthal. These highly trained professionals work for you to get you the settlement and compensation that you deserve. If you find that you fit any of these scenarios, then you’ll want to seek out trained help as early as possible.