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May 31, 2014

First off, I want to give you all a big apology as I failed to update for a very long time!! University has been crazy and I had next to no time to update… However, school’s over and that means I’ll be able to update again!! I’m starting with a small update of Dakota taking her coffee run at La Colombe Torrefaction in downtown New York earlier this week. Enjoy, and thanks for your patience!!

014 x At La Colombe Torrefaction – May 28th 2014

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Welcome back!

This is the 2nd time in a week or so that I’ve seen Dakota with a small shoulder bag; hard to believe it’s not a faux Dakota we’re seeing.

IMDb is showing a Sept 2014 release date for Effie in the UK, but there’s still no U.S. release date; I’m soooo disappointed. (The movie was shot way back in the fall of 2011.)


Good news! Dakota’s movie, Very Good Girls, is now available for purchase or rental at the iTunes store.


Something new about the release of Very Good Girls?

It’s also available today (June 24) on amazon (digital rental). At both amazon and iTunes, it’s billed as available before release in theaters. Looking at IMDb, I see that it has 2 USA release dates: June 24 (Internet) and July 25 (limited). So, I guess we might be able to see it in a theater too. I’ve never seen a movie released for VOD and then released in theaters after that. (Maybe it’s happened and I’ve just never seen it.) BTW, it doesn’t have a Rotten Tomatoes score yet.

Anyway, as I do with all Dakota’s movies, I’ve bought and downloaded the movie from iTiunes and will watch this evening.


The trailer for Dakota’s movie, The Last of Robin Hood, has been released.